ABMM Monthly Seminar

Monthly Seminars

Akhila Bharata Madhwa Maha Mandala, Bangalore has arranges seminars in Kannada on spiritual topics every month.
These normally happen either on 3rd or 4th Sunday of every month.

Venue: Sri. Vishweshateertha Sabhabhavana of 
ABMM Mandala, Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha,
Katriguppa Main Road, Bangalore - 560 028 

All are cordially invited.

For details Please contact Sri. H.N. Narayana Rao, General Secretary, A.B.M.M. Mandala, through e-mail: hnn_rao@yahoo.com 
or Telephone No. 080-26690068

Previous seminars

The previous seminars can be viewed on youtube at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_jOq1tchdQDimR4rM2ESKQ/videos




Sri Vishwesha Thirtha Swamiji of Sri Pejawara Mutt has always shown extreme concern over society, it's issues and the atheistic direction that our world is moving.

Sri Pejawar Swamiji is a visionary who could think much beyond the current times and prepare our society for a better future. Only a visionary of Sri Pejawar Swamiji’s stature could have conceived the idea of forming an organization to bring all Madhwas together in an endeavour to bring in a change in the society that we live in.

Thus way back in 1953, Sri Pejawar Swamiji’s concept became a reality in the form of Akhila Bharata Madhwa Maha Mandala (called ABMM Mandala for short).

Like for any good initiatives, there was opposition for AMM too. Many thought that this was created by a young sanyasi to get lime light and publicity. However with the constant backing of Sri Krishna and Sri Madhwacharya, the Mandala came bouncing back at every hurdle. Nothing deterred young Sri Vishwesha Thirtha Swamiji.

We should also thank great personalities like Sri Burli Bindu Madhavachar, Dr. P H Krishnarao, Sri Galagali Pandarinathachar, Sri B Venkateshchar and many other eminent scholars of those era who trusted Sri Swamiji and gave able support in his endeavours.

Sri Vishwesha Thirtha Swamiji dreamt of this concept during his first Paryaya pooja in 1953, and the dream became a reality the same year!

ABMM Mandala began it’s long journey with an All India Tatvajnana Sammelana held in the presence of Udupi  Sri Krishna.


The main objectives of the Mandla are:

  • Presentation and Propagation of Madhwa Philosophy, its Protection and Growth.
  • Rekindling the interest in Vedic culture, Propagation of Vedic way of life and working towards the development of Spiritual and Social wellbeing of the Society.


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