Paramapoojya Sri. Sri. Vishweshateertha Swamiji of Sri. Pejawar Mutt has  established a Gurukula System – Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha with a curriculum  of Vedantha, Sahithya, Tarka,  Vyakana,   Pourohitya, etc.  for a period of 11 years and two years are dedicatedto the the study of “Nyavasudha” under Sri. Sri. Vishweshateertha Swamiji himself.  Then the total span of the study is 13 years  and this is recognized  by Education Department of Government of Karnataka and is treated on par  with M.A. in Sanskrit.

Sri. Sri. Swamiji not limiting his interest just to Vedic Course, showed equal concern to Brahmin Students who are financially challenged and were pursuing their education in Engineering, Medicine, Post graduate, graduate and other allied courses, by offering Education Scholarship facilities  since  1960.

In order to stream line the scheme and for better management, ABMM Education Trust was formed in the year 1995. The scheme provides an opportunity for donors to adopt a student for a particular period of his/her course, named as sustainging donors with the donation as follows:

1.         For Medicine (MBBS)/Dental             : Rs 10,000/-  for a period of 5 years.

2.         Engineering Degree of all disciples    : Rs.  8,000/- for a period of 4 years

3.         Post graduates                                        : Rs.  6,000/- for a period of 2 years

4.         Any other graduate course                   :  Rs. 5,000/- for a period of 3 years.

5.         Diploma Course                                      : Rs.  4,000/- for a period of 2 years.


The eligibility of offering the financial aid is as follows:

1.         Minimum of -  First Class in Second PUC.

2.         Admission through Karnataka Govt. CET – with good ranking.

3.         Parental income not exceeding Rs. 1.50 lakhs.

The student  availing this facility soon after completion of his course have return the Loan Scholarship (without interest) soon after securing a suitable job in suitable installments (not more than 5 in case of medicine and four in case of Engineering, 2 in case of post graduation, 3 in case of Graduation and Diploma studies. 

An average of 50 students avails this facility annually  and about Rs. 4.00 lakhs per  year is spent on this scheme.  This amount is pooled through General Donation / through Sustaining Donation /through adoption scheme.  Apart from this some amount collected through return of Loan Scholarship recipients after securing suitable jobs.  It is desired that  the Trust to put best efforts by mobilizing atleast Rs.10.00 lakhs annually, so that the disbursement of this financial assistance atleast to match with the quantum of fees.  In this direction identification of more no.of sustaining donors or thourgh general donation etc., is needed.  At present we have about 25 sustain donors  during 2012.

 2012.  At least 50 donors will have to be identified.   Good effort has yielded in securing the I.T. Exemption for the donation (80G) from income tax authorities made by the donors.

            The details of disbursement of financial assistance are as follows:

            Notifying applying for processing the financial benefits through e-mail, website, through press note in local papers / through Mandala’s monthly journal Tatvavada – Kannada / English during May & June.

            Receipt of applications in mid July scrutiny of the same – a panel set up for approving the beneficiaries during Aug. / September.

            Award of the same during September. Payment by mid November. 


CET – Crash Courses for Economically backward Students.

            1. The Bangalore Branch of Akhila Bharata Madhwa Mahamandala is closely associating in development activities of A.B.M.M. Mandala.  The Branch was also established during 1960 and located in the same premises of A.B.M.M. Mandala Central office. Paramapoojya Sri. Sri. Vishweshateertha Swamiji has a great concern for the younger generation, Launched many programmes for the benefit of younger generation and they are namely,

            a) Opening of Vidyarthi Nilayas at important towns in Karnataka (full description has already presented)

            b) Conducting the Dharmopanayana for the needy one to all sections of Brhmin community through Local Bangalore Branch and Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha Prathisthana.

            c) Collection of Hundi Nidhi in urban Bangalore by Hundi Collector through ABMM Mandala Bangalore Branch.

            d) CET Crash Course for the benefit of economically backward students of all sections.

            e) Youth activities – such as conducting monthly Seminars / workshops / special Lectures etc for the exclusively for the benefit of technocrats/youths and others – specially on the subject of conveying the message of Sri. Madhwacharya – arranging Haridasa Sahithya programmes etc. and most of them are arranged through the most active Branch of the Bangalore Branch of A.B.M.M.

Some Details about CET Crash Course :

            In the most competitive field of higher education  like Entering to Engineering and Medicine courses is through getting  good marks and  rank in the Common Entrance Test conducted by Govt. of Karnataka annually, strenuous efforts are to be made to get best tuition from reputed coaching centers and it   requires  lot of money.  Hence lot of intelligent students of lesser income (financially backward students) are deprived of taking such coaching from coaching centers. 

            Keeping this in mind, and to fulfill the desire of Paramapoojya Sri. Sri. Swamiji, directed the Bangalore Branch of Mandala for launching the  Crash Course programme for the students appearing the CET examinations, during 1995, with the help of about 12 Senior Professors who have volunteered to give lectures to the students appearing CET and initially 30 students availed this unique opportunity.  Due to best teaching in this Crash Course, gradually more students starting availing this unique opportunity, as result,  this programme became very popular in Bangalore.  The no.of students gradually increasing year by year.

            At this juncture the authorities of Bangalore Branch approached the cities best tutorial Lecture academy, which is also highly popular – B.A.S.E. for rendering help by making available the professors of their academy to help our CET Crash Course programme.  Dr. H.S. Nagaraj, the Director of this  Academy, not only kind enough to send their most experienced professors,  but was himself also took some classes in our programme and this is continued till now.  An average of 150 students annually enroll and avail these teaching help.  On feed back information from these students it is to learnt that 80 % of the students will get entrance to Engineering / Medical course on the Govt. quota.  The course is generally conducted after the examination of 2nd PUC and streached 17 days intensive coaching.  The registration for thie normally due in the 1st week of January every year.  Further information in this regard, is available from, H.N. Narayana Rao, President, ABMM Mandala Bangalore Branch, e-mail; hnn_rao@yahoo.com  Phone:080- 26690809, 26697171.