The Mandala has immersed itself in multifarious activities to meet the above objectives in different forms and places:

a) Propagation of Madhwa philosophy by way of arranging  teaching/lecturing on Puranas, Vedas, Upanishads and Ithihasa with elaborate commentaries and expositions.

b) Establishment of branches of Mandala throughout the country to help human kind.

c) Establishment of Gurukulas and Schools to impart teaching either on Madhwa hilosophy alone or with that of other schools of thought and to conduct examinations and award Certificates and Diplomas.

d) Establishment of Centers of Learning to teach Vedas, Aagamas, Dharma Sastras, Pourohitya, Jyotishya and the like and issue Certificates at the end of the course for those who successfully pass out.

e) Establishment of Student Hostels for those students who agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Mandala and provide facilities for their boarding and lodging as well as extend loans and other financial assistance as may be required.

f) Helping meritorious students of Sastras to pursue their studies further and create opportunities for the livelihood as Madhwa pundits.

g) Establishing libraries related to Madhwa Philosophy, Vedas, Sastras, Ithihasas and Puranas.

h) Initiating Research Centers for an in-depth study of Dharma, the way of life and schools of philosophical concepts.

i) Publication of books, journals and handouts to propagate Madhwa Tatvavada to common man.

j) Organising Madhwa Conferences, Seminars and Meetings.

k) Establishing Goshalas and Cow Protection Centers.

k) Collecting funds and accepting donations for the development of the Mandala’s activities.

l) Cooperating with other Institutions that do not go against the objectives of the Mandala in spreading Madhwa philosophy.

m) Formation of Trusts to safeguard the interests of the associated Institutions of the Mandala.