Sri Vishwesha Thirtha Swamiji sensing the hardship of the Brahmin students, pursuing their studies in various disciplines decided to setup Vidyarthi Nilayas at important towns in Karnataka with affordable accommodation and food.

The First Vidyarthi Nilaya started at Dharwad during 1956 (ABMM Mandala Vidyarthi Nilaya – Sri. Prahlada Vidyarthi Nilaya) and next  at Mysore ( ABMM  Madhwa Brahmin Hostel).  Thereafter Vidyarthi Nilayas were established at Davanagere, Hubli, Belgaum, Gulbarga, Raichur, Bijapur and Bagalkote.  The total number of vadyarthi nilayas is 9 and nearly 600 boys  are availing  this facilities in these vidyarthi nilayas.  These vidyarthi nilayas provides traditional daily rituals like chanting of stotras in early morning and Sandhya Vandane etc.  good discipline is also maintained and reasonably good facilities are provided to the inmates of the nilayas.  The monthly bills are reasonably kept (subsidized)   and  an average Rs.700/- - Rs.750/- collected for accommodation in room, 2 meals breakfast and other facilities.

The accommodation of students in each vidyarthi nilayas is furnished here under:

Sr. No     

Name of ABMM Vidyarthi Nilaya

No. of Inmates


Madhwa Vidyarthi Nilaya, Madhwacharya Road, K.R.Vanam, 1st Cross, Mrishnamurthy Puram, Mysore  570008. Contact :  Vidwan                     Sri. Padmanabha Varakhedi – Sanchalak,

Mobile NO. 9880022121, Phone:0821-2485348


120 Students


ABMM Mandala Hostel, Davanagere

Sri Krishna Seva Trust, # 2256, M.C.C. A Block, Davanagere – 577004.

Contact : Ananthaih, Mobile : 944815936

50 Students


ABMM Mandala Hostel, Hubli.

Sri. Vadiraja Seva Prathistana. Shanti Colony, Vidyanagar, HUBLI – 560021.

Telephone NO. 836 – 2373118


210 Students


ABMM Mandala Hostel, Dharwad.

Sri Prahlada Vidyarthi Nilaya Prathistana, Dharwad 5.  Room No.5, Malamaddi, Dharwad – 580007, Tele.No. 0836-2741002. Contact Person: Sri. Prahlad Paravathikar, Sanchalak.


40 Students


ABMM Mandala Hostel, Balgaum,

Opp.  R.P.D. College, Main Road, Tilakwadi, Belgaum.  Contact Sri. Subhas Kulkarni, Secretary. Tele.No. 9448160867


30 Students


ABMM Mandala Hostel, Gulberga,

Sri. Jayateertha Vidyarthi Nilaya,

Vidyanagar Colony, Gulbarga 585103.

Contact NO. Sri. Krishnacharya Navale, Secretary, Mobile: 94486526620


60 Students


ABMM Mandala Hostel, Raichur.

Sri Raghavendra Vidyarthi Nilaya, Manikprabhu Temple Road, Raichur.

President: Sri. Narasinga Rao Deshpande,

Secretary: Sri. Satyanarayana Rao. 

PLhone: 240290


40 Students


ABMM Mandala Vidyarthi Nilaya, Smt. G.A.Adya Smaraka Brahmin Vidyarthi Nilaya, Bagalkot Road, Bijapur – 586101.

Contact : Sri. Gopala Nayak, President.

Contact No. 9448103219


30 students


ABMM Mandala Vidyarthi Nilaya, Bagalkot.

(The Vidyarthi nilaya located at Old town has to be closed due to  submersion of Krishna River.




Efforts were made to procure an alternative land in New area – Nava – Nagar with Bagalkot, with the best efforts of Paramapooojya Sri. Sri. Vishweshatirtha Swamiji of  Sri. Pejawar Mutt and Sri. C.N.Das, (President of Bagalkot Vidyarthi Nilaya), the prominent personality of Bagalkot , new land was secured in Sector 7 of Navanagar.  The submerged area was 6120 sft and the newly allotted site by Bagalkot Development Authority is in the order of 15000 sft. Thus an additional area of 8120 sft is available.  All formalities to take possession of the land has been completed and it is hoped that the new site will be handed over to us for taking up the construction of New Vidyarthi Nilaya.   In this direction, preparation of plan is underway.

It is  hoped to start the new construction by June 2012 and with the 1st Phase to construct a minimum rooms to facilitate of starting  the new vidyarthi nilaya during the commencement of college say in July 2012.

We are glad to convey that the Alumni’s of Vidyarthi  Nilaya  have taken a keen interest for the construction activity.  They are working round the clock and contact with the authorities of the Hostel as well as the Central Body of Akhila Bharata Madhwa Mahamandala.  They have identified about 100  old students of this Vidyarthi Nilaya.  In this connection,  Sri. Vadiraj  an alumni is taking keen interest in this project. 

For further clarification and information  on this project, Please contact – Sri. H.N. Narayana Rao, General Secretary of Akhila Bharata Madhwa Mahamandala through e-mail hnn_rao@yahoo.com (Phone:080- 26690809) or Sri. Vadiraj vadhi@indofuji.com can be contacted.                 


Alumni Association of the above Hostels and its social/dharmic commitments & activities.

Unfortunately no details were available with ABMM Vidyarthi Nilayas regarding the details of the out-going students after their stay.

            ABMM Mandala Prahlada Vidyarthi Nilaya, Dharwad stood as an example in formation of association of old students, about 10 years back and collected the details of these alumnis.  They also formed a Committee with  dedicated members  and meet once a year and discuss various aspects regarding improving the Nilaya through the Nilaya Administrative Committee.  Further the alumni association established good contact with ABMM Central body and shared their views etc.  This prompted the General Secretary of ABMM  Mandala  to establish the identity of the alumni of other ABMM Mandala Vidyarthi Nilayas.

            Strenuous effort to establish contact was made through news paper  notification, Kannada Tatvavada and local papers and this  has yielded in good result of establishing contacts of nearly 400 old students of ABMM Vidyarthi Nilayas.

            The First Convention of the alumni’s of all Vidyarthi Nilayas was held on 1st February 2009 in the gracious presence of Paramapoojya Sri. Sri. Vishweshateertha Swamiji of Sri Pejawar Mutt who stressed the need of support from the old students who availed the benefits of their respective hostels during their stay and quoted an example  and  the duty of Children and grandchildren to support their grand parents during their old age.  This message has evoked a lot of enthusiasm  among the alumni of Gulbarga.

            ABMM Vidyarthi Nilaya -  Sri. Jayateertha Vidyarthi Nilaya at Gulbarga has formed the  alumni association and mobilized a substantial amount and constructed additional rooms, dining hall and stood as an example to remaining old students of Vidyarthi Nilayas.  

            The Second convention of all the Vidyarthi Nilayas was convened on  12-09-2010 during chaturmasa of Paramapoojya Sri. Sri. Vishweshateertha Swamiji  at Mysore.  The Alumni of Mysore Vidyarthi Nilaya have taken up the responsibility of helping the improvements to the Mysore ABMM Madhwa Vidyarthi Nilaya and ABMM Mandala Vidyarthi Nilaya of Hubli.

            It is hoped that the remaining ABMM Vidyarthi Nilayas will follow this example